GCIL Vermi Bed is an economical new generation vermiculture bed for producing superior grade vermicompost and vermiwash for organic farming. Also ensuring easy installation, superior air ventilation and strong construction which makes it a smarter choice unlike traditional concrete vermibeds which are expensive, time consuming and they also cannot be relocated.

Portable Vermi Compost beds have been developed to help farmers make their own organic compost. GCIL Vermi Bed are made of a seven layers proprietary polyolefin blend. It is light in weight but strong and durable. It is portable and been found to have a life of at least 3 years if provided a shade.

The net windows have been developed to provide aeration to the earthworms to maintain a proper balance of oxygen & moisture that helps keeping a controlled environment for healthier, faster and the best quality vermi compost.

The vermi compost made in our vermi bed makes the soil & crop completely free from chemicals and other harmful substances as compared to chemical fertilizers. It also enriches the soil and improves its fertility giving the farmer better yield of crop in a very ecofriendly way.


  • GCIL Vermibeds offer easy installation and portability
  • Light weight reinforced HDPE construction offers cheaper and faster mobility without the use of heavy duty vehicles.
  • UV Stabilized base material
  • Higher tensile and tear strength to sustain composting process and handling
  • Puncture resistant
  • GCIL Vermibeds are fitted with 6 air pockets which maintain optimum moisture and oxygen levels.
  • Outlet to collect Vermiwash
GCIL VERMI BEDS is certified by IS 15907:2010 – License No. CM/L- 3721051. Approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards.